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Golden Rye Whiskey

Golden Rye Whiskey


Standard Proof's Golden Rye Whiskey starts with the same process as all our whiskeys, real ingredients. It's simple, but it works. Aged in new American oak barrels for a minimum of two years, the perfect combination of spice and balanced oak is achieved. Though this smooth and seasoned blend is perfectly balanced on its own, drinkers will be surprised to taste the addition of fresh pineapple. This subtle tropical flair will bring a little island life to anywhere you please.


  • 2 oz Golden Rye

  • 1⁄2 oz Simple Syrup

  • 4 dashes Angostura bitters

Add ice and ingredients to a rocks glass and stir. Garnish with a pineapple slice.


  • 1 oz Golden Rye

  • 1 oz Campari

  • 1 oz Sweet Vermouth

Stir ingredients in mixing glass and strain into rocks glass with ice. Garnish with a pineapple slice.

The Ingredients

Our Golden Rye Whiskey starts with our award-winning Straight Rye. With our focus on real and simple ingredients, it's no surprise this is made with rye, corn, and malted barley mash bill. Specifically, a blend of 51% rye, 44% corn, and 5% malted barley mash. This is aged for two years, at a minimum, then selected to be infused with fresh and vibrant pineapple. This sweet addition is infused in the whiskey for ten weeks before being filtered out through our proprietary process. The result is a smooth and spicy beverage with a bright, and not too sweet undertone and a refreshing finish.

The Process

We can't give away all our methods, but we can tell you that our process for creating the perfect rye whiskey honors technique and pays tribute to this traditional American drink. Using simple ingredients and aging for a minimum of two years is how each whiskey is started. Once the perfectly woody, spicy, and buttery flavor is achieved, pineapple is introduced to refresh and sweeten. Then the pineapple is filtered out, leaving behind the smooth consistency you crave without losing any of the flavors.

The Results

Combining award-winning rye whiskey with fresh and vibrant pineapple, all while allowing the passing of time to age and work its magic, our Golden Rye Whiskey won't disappoint. The only question is, how will you choose to enjoy yours? While we always recommend the classic rocks option, we wouldn't blame you if you added coconut and a little extra juice to create a real treat. In fact, we made it as a signature cocktail recipe.

Try Golden Rye Whiskey in Our Tasting Room Today!

Try Golden Rye Whiskey in our tasting room today, conveniently located in downtown Nashville. Cozy up and pour a classic, smooth nip over ice while enjoying the quiet ambiance. Or, come on a Wednesday to experience the live music Nashville is known for. Live a little, and have a cocktail. If you can't make it to the tasting room, find us online and enjoy your bottle to-go.

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