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How to Properly Use Whiskey Stones

Whiskey is a quality spirit enjoyed often and when commemorating the greatest moments. Its smooth taste helps to make the best moments in your life more special. In these moments, consider adding whiskey stones to your glass before you pour this magical spirit.

This article discusses what whiskey stones are, how to use them, and which whiskey stones are the most popular among whiskey connoisseurs.

What are Whiskey Stones?

These are frozen crystals or metal objects put into a whiskey cocktail without degrading the quality. Once you put ordinary ice in a whiskey glass, the warmth from the spirit evaporates and melts the ice.

Whiskey stones operate like ice, but instead of diluting whiskey as the ice melts, they keep it cold and the flavor profile consistent. This allows them to cool down the whiskey for a brief period, allowing you to appreciate it more. Although stones seem to ice faster than water, they also heat far more quickly. As a result, the drink will not keep cold for longer periods.

What are the Benefits of Using Whiskey Stones?

Whiskey stones are useful when you want to enjoy your whiskey at a cooler temperature (below room temperature) without diluting it. If you like your whiskey cooled, you can undoubtedly add ice to it and sip it "on the rocks." You could, essentially, ice your whiskey without compromising its flavor by drinking it "on the stones."

What is the Best Way to Use Whiskey Stones?

Since each bottle of whiskey differs slightly, you should first take a sip, assess the taste, and decide whether to drink it neat or add a splash of water or whiskey stones.

However, whiskey stones are helpful if you like the warmth, taste, and scent emerging from your glass but still want your drink to be cool. It is pretty similar to using conventional ice cubes without any dilution.

Based on their composition, you place them in the freezer for an hour or two. Put some into your mug after they are icy cold and funnel your whiskey on top of them. This cools down your beverage to around 52 °F (11 °C).

Which Whiskey Stones are the Right Choice?

Before settling on one particular brand, it is important to investigate some elements used to produce the whiskey stones. The finest whiskey stones are those made of stainless steel. These cool considerably quicker than granite and keep your drink substantially cold for much longer compared to any other material. However, other whiskey connoisseurs prefer using marble pieces.

Stainless steel is amazing because it comes in a variety of forms and sizes. Although typical whiskey stones are square or round, there are also hockey pucks, diamonds, and many other designs.

Marble, Stainless Steel, Soapstone, and Granite

The drinker's inclinations mainly determine the best whiskey stones. Stainless steel or marble whiskey sticks work well if you like something chilled that does not dilute your whiskey.

But, if you are merely looking for a slight cool down to enjoy the warmth that whiskey provides, soapstone or granite are the finest choices. Notably, soapstone and granite are the most prevalent elements used in commercialized whiskey stones.

Keeping Your Whiskey Stones Clean

Cleaning your whiskey stones does not take much time or labor. However, it is an important maintenance action since the stones can amass pathogens and sediment if not cleaned properly. It is a good practice to clean them after use. While in your freezer, they may absorb odors, which you can eliminate by soaking or baking them.

Cleaning your whiskey stones using warm soapy water is the best way to clean them; cover them with your palms and tumble them with warm water. Apply a few drops of cleaning solution, wash them thoroughly, rinse, and set them to dry. To eliminate extra wetness, use a clean dish towel. You can also dry them on a dried paper towel for a few hours.

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