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Pecan Rye Whiskey

Pecan Rye Whiskey


Standard Proof's Pecan Rye Whiskey is an homage to Tennessee and Texas, which go together like Nashville and Austin when it comes to live music. And, just like all our recipes, we start with real and simple ingredients. You won't find any artificial preservatives or flavors, just real, roasted pecans from San Saba, Texas – the world capital of Pecans. And our award-winning, Tennessee Straight Rye whiskey. Drinkers will be comforted by the buttery, nutty, and familiar flavors that can bring anyone back home. This creation has the perfect blend of spicy and smooth flavor, winning gold in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


  • 2 oz Pecan Rye

  • 1⁄2 oz Simple Syrup

  • 4 dashes Angostura Bitters

Add ice and ingredients to a rocks glass and stir. Garnish with an orange slice.

Pecan Picker

  • 2 oz Pecan Rye

  • 5 oz Cola

Add ingredients to collins glass with ice. Garnish with a cherry.

The Ingredients

Of course, Standard Proof's Pecan Rye starts with the ingredients that make our whiskey special. You'll find a combination of 51% rye, 44% corn, and 5% malted barley mash bill. This is aged for two years in new American oak barrels. Then, real, roasted pecans from San Saba, Texas, are introduced. As far as ingredients go, that's it. We keep things simple so you can taste and appreciate the quality of each component. 

The Process

We mentioned our aging process, consisting of resting our rye whiskey in new American oak barrels for two years. Once the perfect spice and oak balance is achieved, roasted pecans are added for a buttery and silky incorporation. These pecans are then kept for 14 weeks before being filtered out through our proprietary process.

The Results

The result is a smooth, comforting, yet slightly spicy beverage. It's then rested and bottled at 80 proof/ 40% ABV. Overall, the flavors combine to taste like home and the holidays. Standard Proof takes pride in representing Nashville through traditional recipes with innovative additions, and our Pecan Rye is no different. Simply put, this whiskey does Nashville proud.

Try Pecan Rye Whiskey in Our Tasting Room Today!

When you think of Nashville, you probably think about music and The Grand Ole Opry. Standard Proof wants you to think of whiskey, too. Come visit our tasting room today to experience a little more of what Nashville has to offer. Located conveniently in downtown Nashville, find us at 219 5th Ave. North. We'll make you the perfect signature cocktail, like a Pecan Manhattan. If you can't make it to our tasting room, you can find us online. Shop locally or order online, and you can even get free shipping if you purchase more than two bottles. Contact us today for more information!

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